Himalayan & Colorpoint exotic cattery

喜瑪拉雅 / 重點色異國短毛貓


We are a small cattery located in Hong Kong. We specialized in producing both Himalayan Cats & Colorpoint Exotics, including colorpoint & lynx point. We are not a pet store and do not provide stuck service. We (unlike pet stores) love our kitties, each and every one, and only place kitties where we see fit. We reserve the right to refuse the sell of a cat or kitten. We will only place the right kitty in the right home and not to "just make a sale".

Breeding kittens for profit is NOT a reason to bring these precious creatures into this world! I strongly discourage anyone who has that in mind. People breeding these animals just for profit will effect all of our lives as this is why legislation is sweeping our country against breeders, the good as well as the bad.  Breeding should only be done if your goal is to improve the health, personality and type of the breed.

Our goal is to produce healthy, loving, well-socialized kittens which fit the CFA breed standard. We are a PKD-tested cattery. Kittens are raised underfoot, and the girls have the run of the house. The boys are not caged, but do have their own separate rooms, with supervised access to the house as well.

We produce only a few litters each year, and are very selective in their placement - trying our best to match each kitten or cat's unique personality with the "perfect" new home!

We are both very involved with every facet of the cattery - caring for the cats, deciding on the direction the breeding program will take, showing and most importantly, providing love and chin rubs to all the "kids".

Himalayan History

Lynxpoint History

Example of Himalayan Colors

I do ship kitties Internationally as well as domestically. Prices do not include the costs of shipping, rabies shots, health certificates or carriers.